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About Australia

Land Of Opportunity


Being an Australian citizen has its privileges such as the right to:

Citizenship can be acquired by birth, by descent or by application. If you have any queries regarding citizenship, we will be most happy to assist you. Alternatively, detailed information is available on the citizenship website:


From Primary education to Post-graduate and research, Australian educational institutions deliver world class quality in education. There are public schools (government) and private schools (non-government) in each state/territory. The curriculum or syllabus taught in each state or school may be different, however the learning areas are the same.

Australian qualifications are recognised world-wide which is why it is the third largest venue for international students in the English speaking world.

The focus of education in Australia is creativity and independent thinking, with strong encouragement on finding solutions to real-life problems.


Australia has a robust public health system. The States and Territories are primarily responsible for the delivery and management of public health services and deliver public acute and psychiatric hospital services as well as a wide range of public health services including school health, dental health, maternal and child health and environmental health programs.

Government health program is delivered by Medicare to the Australian community. More information on:

The private health sector plays an important role in health services. The Commonwealth Government provides a 30 per cent subsidy to individuals who acquire private health insurance.

Private health insurance typically covers the cost for ancillary services such as dental, optical, speech pathology, physiotherapy etc. and can cover private and public hospital charges (public hospitals charge only patients who elect to be private patients in order to be treated by the doctors of their choice), and a portion of medical fees for inpatient services.

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People & Culture

Melting pot of cultures

Australia’s migration program is non-discriminatory which has led to a population with a wonderful mix of different ethnicities.


Australia is an English speaking country. However, due to a large migrant population, we speak 226 languages in our homes and, after English the most popular are Italian, Greek, Cantonese and Arabic.

Do you know...

Australians invented notepads (1902), the surf lifesaving reel (1906), aspirin (1915), the pacemaker (1926), penicillin (1940), the plastic disposable syringe (1949), the bionic ear (1978), anti-counterfeiting technology for banknotes (1992) and long-wearing contact lenses (1999).

Social Security

Most temporary visa holders are not entitled to access any Social security benefits. However, you should check with Centrelink regarding your circumstances.

Generally, new migrants have a 2 year waiting period before they are entitled to Social security benefits. Refugee and Humanitarian entrants can avail of certain Social security benefits (for which they qualify), without a waiting period. New migrants can claim Medicare benefits and Family payments, and in exceptional circumstances a Special benefit payment. Eligibility for most social security payments are income/means tested.

More information on Social security payments can be found on: